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CSR in Indonesia

Nowadays, CSR in Indonesia has been interpreted only as unsustainable social activities and donations. So, CSR program is carried out for the company's residual policy which doesn’t have an optimal impact on the company and society.

CSR as a Part of Business Strategy

Besides, Corporate Social Responsibility is actually able to provide optimal benefits for the company and society if CSR be a part of the company's long-term business strategy. CSR should be integrated and mutually sustainable with the core business and core competency of a company.

Creating Innovation in CSR for Sustainable Business Practice

Olahkarsa was founded in 2019 with a vision to create CSR innovation in encouraging a sustainable business ecosystem. To achieve this vision, we provide end-to-end-solution for CSR management by optimizing the use of technology. We believe that a future of business is a sustainable business practice, focusing on social and environmental aspects as whole of business activities.

Company Culture

Culture and values of INNO (Innovator Olahkarsa) is #FUTURECSR

Our Leader

Unggul Ananta
Chief Executive Officer

Master's educational background in the Sustainability program at Trisakti University. Experienced as a consultant in various CSR projects as well as being a leader in bridging multi-stakeholder partnerships for several CSR program initiatives

Reynaldi Oktino
Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer

Experienced in developing applications that focus on B2B applications that help the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's business processes. Become a leader in csr program governance application projects

INNO People

  • Imti Hanah
    Head of CSR School and Partnership
  • Diaz Alvin
    Head of Creative
  • Bayu Aji
    Head of Business Development
  • Jalu Tahit
    CSR Analyst
  • As'ad Burhanuddin
    Project Officer
  • Irfanda Wira
    Full Stack Developer
  • Risma Laillatun
    Creative Visual Editor
  • Atalariq Rachman
    Finance & Administration

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