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About Olahkarsa

PT Olahkarsa Inovasi Indonesia it call One Stop CSR Solution. We help companies in the management of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with a modern consulting approach and CSR Digital Product. We have a goal of how CSR can be one of the long-term business strategies.

Collaboration with INNO

Our vision is how CSR can be a long-term business strategy for the company. Innovation is one of the passions that we try to use for every CSR program initiation with our partner companies. Together with INNO (Innovator Olahkarsa) we will provide the best collaboration experience

INNO Culture

Strong Innovation
Collaborative Action
Do Deep Work
Data Driven Oriented
Sustainability Mindset

Our Leadership

Unggul Ananta
Co-Founder & CEO

Reynaldi Oktino
Co-Founder & CTO

INNO People

  • Dara Tegar
    General Manager
  • Enthusias Dakhi
    Operational Manager
  • Imti Hanah
    Head of Community Engagement
  • Diaz Alvin
    Head of Creative
  • Bayu Aji
    Head of Business Development

Let’s Collaborate With Us