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CSR Services & Consulting

Doing end-to-end csr services & consulting, start from csr research & development, innovative csr implementation, strategic csr communication

Research and development is very important in achieving company sustainability. We assist companies in conducting research assisted by several teams of experts who focus on csr development and sustainability. CSR Research & Development is a service that helps companies in conducting research and development in the field of CSR. Some of the research that we do is:

  1. Social Mapping
  2. Stakeholder Mapping
  3. Stakeholder Engagement
  4. Social Return on Investment
  5. Community Satisfaction Index

CSR Innovation is a service that assists companies in designing CSR innovation programs starting from the planning stage, implementation to the measurement stage of the CSR program. We carry out a comprehensive CSR program innovation planning by conducting research on business models, supply chain involvement and the company's shared values. In addition to planning, we are also able to carry out program implementation accompanied by our team of experts within a certain period of time to achieve the sustainability of a CSR program. And we also help measure the impact that the company and stakeholders get by using a comprehensive method.

  1. Creating Shared Value (CSV)
  2. Social Enterprise Incubator / MSME

Communication is one of the keys to the success of a CSR program. with appropriate communication with stakeholders or consumers can make the company's relationship with stakeholders or consumers can be well established. CSR Communication can assist companies in managing corporate CSR communications and Forming a CSR brand identity by:

  1. Digital Communication
Online Media Release
Virtual Event
Social Media Management
Video Production
Creative Sponsorship
Website Development

PROPER is a program held by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in order to assess performance ratings in environmental management. PROPER Assistance is a service that assists companies in assisting the preparation of documents needed in PROPER, ranging from:

  • Social & Stakeholder Mapping
  • Rencana Strategis (RENSTRA)
  • Rencana Jangka Panjag (RENJA)
  • Indeks Kepuasan Masyarakat
  • SDGs

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