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SR App

Social Responsibility App

SR App is information system that can help companies to manage, monitoring, and measuring CSR Programs more effective, efficient, and sustainable.

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SR App Feature

Monitoring and Evaluation Feature

The Monitoring and Evaluation feature is a feature contained in the SR App that can be used by companies to monitor CSR programs more comprehensively, from planning, implementation to the measurement stage of the CSR program.

Empowerment Program
Archive all the Company's CSR program innovations to optimize monitoring of each program
Theory of Change
Design a theory of change for each program to get better inputs, outputs and outcomes
Listing stakeholder data related to each CSR program and viewing activities in the CSR program.
Listing of beneficiary data from each CSR program with profile data, name, address of the beneficiary.
A place for transparent and real-time csr budget management to see the effectiveness of the budget
Media Publication
Archiving media publications that have covered CSR programs organized by the company
Program Monitoring
Monitoring the CSR program by monitoring and evaluating program activities in real time
Justification of data results from the implementation of CSR programs that have an impact on the community and the company


TJSL (Tanggung Jawab Sosial dan Lingkungan) BUMN feature is a feature contained in the SR App that can be used for managing MSE funding activities and social activities in accordance with SDGs

Integrated Reporting
Make reporting on TJSL activities faster and integrated in one system
Integrated accounting system for MSME funding reporting
Transaction data collection for MSME funding and partner credit payments
Listing data of fostered partners and distributors, starting from detailed data and partner credit cards
SDGs Mapping
Realtime mapping and classification of SDGs in the company's TJSL program
TJSL Program
Listing of TJSL programs and activities that have been carried out by the company
TJSL Area Map
Monitoring all areas of the TJSL program that has been implemented by the company

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