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One Stop CSR Solution

With CSR we bring the company to Sustainable Business

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CSR is a long-term business strategy that can provide an organization with significant advantages in terms of sustainability and reputation. Together with our partners, we help research, implementation and communication comprehensively the Social Responsibility program. We call it one stop csr solution.

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SR Apps

Social Responsibility Apps

SR Apps is tools that can help companies to Manage, monitoring, and measuring CSR Program more Effective and efficient.

Manage CSR Program more structured and tidy
Monitoring many CSR program with realtime data
Measuring CSR Program more fast and efficient

SR Apps Demo
SR Apps



ExpertHub is a digital training service filled by experts in the field of CSR and sustainability. We provide various lists of experts to make it easier for companies to upgrade the skills of their employees.

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Impactholic by olahkarsa is Creative media for promoting Sustainable Business, CSR and Social Impact Initiative. #ImpactForAll

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