PROPER (Program Penilaian Peringkat Kinerja Perusahaan dalam Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup) is a form of government policy, to improve the environmental management performance of companies in accordance with the realization of transparency and democratization in environmental management in Indonesia.

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The implementation of PROPER is based on the Peraturan Menteri Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan Republik Indonesia Nomor 1 Tahun 2021 concerning Program Penilaian Peringkat Kinerja Perusahaan dalam Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup

We can provide assistance for companies that are working towards achieving PROPER Hijau and PROPER Emas.

What We Can Execute

At Olahkarsa, we specialize in translating vision into tangible results. With expertise and dedication, we execute a wide range of initiatives, from strategic planning to operational implementation.

Gambar Proper Hijau


  • Pendampingan PROPER Hijau
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Audit Lingkungan / SDA
  • Dokumen Rencana Kerja dan Pengelolaan Lingkungan
  • Studi Keanekaragaman Hayati
  • Verifikasi SDGs
  • Social & Stakeholder Mapping
  • Rapid Environmental Assessment for Disaster (REA)
  • Rencana Strategis dan Rencana Kerja CSR
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Social License Index
  • Indeks Kepuasan Masyarakat (IKM)
  • Jurnal Ilmiah (Nasional & Internasional)
  • Buku Best Practice (ISBN)
Gambar Proper Hijau


  • Social Return on Investment (SROI)
  • Eco-Inovasi
  • Inovasi Sosial
  • Presentasi PROPER Emas

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Olahkarsa assist companies in carrying out various research initiatives related to planning and research programs for community empowerment and optimizing environmental management which refer to various relevant regulatory references.

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End-to-end assistance for PROPER program from Indonesian Ministry of Environment & Forestry.

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